Back in the Game

After eight months, as of today I’ve officially returned to my program. I have mixed feelings about it, which means that I woke up this morning thinking “I MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE.” (Please excuse the overly dramatic caps.) Now that I have a chunk of the day and a class taught under my belt, however, I’ve come to terms with this next stage, probably. Maybe. Not to equivocate or anything.

Life, you see, requires one to challenge oneself, and also to use impersonal constructions to write about oneself as a protective measure when addressing emotionally charged matters. These are important lessons that I learned from the dozens of boarding school books that I read as a child.

One hour at a time: I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I also don’t want to jump into things too quickly, as my nature would have me do, hence this mid-afternoon blog post.

Productivity is overrated, or comes in many forms.

Or something.


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