Four Reasons I’ve Been Neglecting My Blog

In no particular order.

1. An increase in medication that’s been making me tired and a little scattered. Generally speaking, I’m trying to preserve my energy for more important things, like …

2. Party planning. I have a milestone birthday coming up, and I’m marking it with a Bill Murray theme party. I get really hardcore about celebration organization, and I’m a hardcore Bill Murray fan. As a result, much of my non-work time (work time being much of my time, I swear) has been occupied with costume-brainstorming, Bill Murray quote-reading, groundhog-impersonating, etc.

3. On the topic of work, work. Look at this stack of paper! It’s my dissertation. I’ve been trying to devote as much time as I can to this hefty Word document I like to call the last several years of my life, but point #1 complicates matters.

A thing of (still-needs-many-revisions) beauty.
A thing of (still-needs-many-revisions) beauty.

Still, I’m getting pretty close. I’d be even closer if it weren’t for …

4. The beginning of the school year, which means the beginning of teaching. Stressful. Rewarding. (?!?.) Exhausting. The emails to “Professor [First Name]” (a delightful mix of formality and informality—also inaccurate) make it all worthwhile.


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