Being Thankful: The 2015, Karaoke-centric Edition

Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, a good time to emerge from early-fall hibernation in order to recognize a few things for which I’m grateful. I’m pretty sure I did this last year, so we’ll call it a tradition.

Since I’m sometimes guilty of feeling like I’ve been dealt a rough hand—and this year, with my two-month hospitalization, it’s particularly easy for me to fall into the self-pity trap—I think it’s important for me to make the effort to acknowledge all of the good in my life. And really, there’s a ton of it.

Like the fact that I have a husband who’s not only—as all regular readers of my blog know—an unbelievably tolerable and loving superstar-of-a-life-partner but also sang, among other things, J. Lo’s 2002 hit “Jenny from the Block” at karaoke on Friday night. What a man. I have a video, but I’m tolerable and loving enough to not post it. (What a woman, right??)

And the fact that I could attend karaoke because I’ve been having few enough tonic-clonic seizures that I wasn’t overly concerned about experiencing one while out. I can deal with a little lip-smacking on the go, and even that didn’t happen, which was, I’ll admit, a relief. So much gratitude!

And the fact that I have devoted, caring parents, who happened to call me during this karaoke adventure and leave a message that I haven’t listened to yet—whoops. Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I’m thankful for you, even if I’m bad at picking up my phone and checking my voicemail! Xoxo, much love, etc. etc.

And the fact that I have friends who’re willing to listen to me sing. That, in itself, is a miracle. A minor one, but a miracle just the same.

And the fact that I was slightly anxious all evening about all of the work that I have to do. I think that what this means is that my anxiety is finally working properly. Note that I was worried about work, not about my teeth falling out (they aren’t) or about some other problem that exists only in my head. I’m choosing to be grateful for this. Baby steps.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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