It’s been a while, dear readers. I could (and will) blame my absence on several life events/excuses, some epilepsy-related. However, in the spirit of this week’s theme word, optimism (bet you weren’t expecting that from me, but I’m always full of surprises), I’m choosing the most positive of them.

I finished and submitted my thesis. All almost-100,000 words of it.

I still have the defence, but handing it in was, I’d say, the larger hurdle, as evidenced by the fact that my supervisor, toward the end, kept sending me nagging messages that were affectionate (?) variations of “just submit the damn thing, you obsessive idiot.” His urging was justified, considering that

  1. He had already read and approved all content.
  2. My other committee members read and approved an unformatted version over the Christmas break.
  3. I confessed to him that I was going through the twenty-five page bibliography and checking every single citation against its source to make sure that I hadn’t missed any typos in the literally hundreds of quotations, indication that I just might need a little push/enormous shove to let my baby go. (Yes, I completed this task, and yes, it was extremely time-consuming.)

So, yesterday morning, I spent a small fortune in printing fees, bought comically large manila envelopes, and brought copies of my dissertation to my department. One giant step forward.

Copies of my life’s work are contained in those paper bags.

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