Epilepsy Research in the News/in My Newsfeed!

Epilepsy-related items pop up in my Facebook newsfeed many times a day since a) I’ve met lots of (awesome) people as a result of my “seizure journey,” and many of them regularly post about epilepsy stuff—epilepsy awareness for the win!—and b) I follow several epilepsy groups and organizations that are active on the Facebook front.

It’s very seldom, however, that a story mentioning seizures, or epilepsy, or AEDs (you get the idea) appears in my FB feed from someone or something outside of my normal epilepsy spheres. Epilepsy, after all, isn’t particularly (OK, at all) “sexy”: despite being one of the most common neurological conditions, afflicting around fifty million people worldwide, it’s frequently stigmatized and, many would argue, underresearched.

That’s why I was so happy to see this particular article, “Scientists Are Using Machine Learning To Better Predict Epilepsy,” by John Del Gaizo, which was published on November 27 in Science Trends, grace my Facebook feed. (Full disclosure: Science Trends is run by a friend of mine, which is why it was in my Facebook newsfeed in the first place.) The title of the article is relatively self-explanatory, and since the content is pretty technical, I’m not going to attempt to explain it. Instead, I’ll reiterate how happy I was to see epilepsy research being highlighted beyond the venues in which I usually encounter my neuro news.

Maybe this is the start of something big. Or maybe it’s a relatively small step forward. Either way, I’ll take and treasure it.


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