Chilling Out

I’ve been taking it pretty easy in the time that’s elapsed since I wrote my last blog entry, hence the lack of communication. This is because I've (re)discovered something important and obvious, something that I seemingly forget and then relearn every so often: that in my case, with less work (“work” in the broadest sense … Continue reading Chilling Out



This has been a really hard epilepsy week. Last evening marked the third in a row with a tonic-clonic seizure, which I usually have relatively rarely. The result was a restless night due to muscle pain and nausea, and since I was still under the weather this morning, I had to cancel plans, activating my … Continue reading Seizure-Sick

Two Weeks to Two Months: A Tangible Sign of Progress (Yay!)

I've been going to see my epileptologist every two weeks or so to have my VNS adjusted—and for other epilepsy stuff—since, um, December? (Maybe since sometime in November. Please excuse my imprecision; I'm going to go ahead and use the "bad memory for neurological reasons" line, but really I'm just too lazy to scan through … Continue reading Two Weeks to Two Months: A Tangible Sign of Progress (Yay!)

I’m Home, Getting Better, and Really Cranky

I was discharged from the neuro ward last Monday evening (appropriately, I guess, the date of my release coincided with Purple Day [for epilepsy awareness]). Except for an appointment a few days ago and a ten-minute walk yesterday afternoon, I've been more or less chilling ever since. I hate chilling. Although I'm super happy to … Continue reading I’m Home, Getting Better, and Really Cranky