’Tis the Season! (Christmas and Concussions)

This has been a challenging week on several fronts. I'm only going to elaborate on the one that's directly health-related, though, since it's affecting my ability to process what else has happened and since I like to maintain a sliver of separation between my personal life and my blog existence, believe it or not. Last … Continue reading ’Tis the Season! (Christmas and Concussions)


Epilepsy Research in the News/in My Newsfeed!

Epilepsy-related items pop up in my Facebook newsfeed many times a day since a) I’ve met lots of (awesome) people as a result of my “seizure journey,” and many of them regularly post about epilepsy stuff—epilepsy awareness for the win!—and b) I follow several epilepsy groups and organizations that are active on the Facebook front. … Continue reading Epilepsy Research in the News/in My Newsfeed!


Since the last time I blogged, I've made steady progress in the direction of adjusting to life with a VNS device implanted, cyborg-style, in my chest. For example: I went to my family doctor and found a better solution for my nausea. I've almost completely eliminated ongoing pain by managing it with a combination of … Continue reading Vanessa