Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

I guess I jinxed myself with my last post about getting out of my neighbourhood—or maybe the problem was that getting out of my neighbourhood was way too exciting for my brain to handle—because two weeks ago, I made another journey to the hospital. This one unplanned, in an ambulance, and while actively seizing. It’d … Continue reading Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

A Dose of the Real World

I had an appointment with my epileptologist on Friday morning. Since he needed to check my VNS, an implanted device, I had to go to the hospital to see him. There happened to be fresh snow on the ground. I was admiring the pureness of it and pulling on my winter boots as I waited … Continue reading A Dose of the Real World

Making Keto Marzipan for the Holidays (Edible Play-Doh for Adults)

I thought I'd pop by to reassure you that I'm still enthusiastically—relentlessly, some might say—celebrating the holiday season. Indeed, I'm determined to suck every last drop of cheer out of Christmas this year. I'll go ahead and give myself a big pat on the back for the effort I've invested in the cause. Case in … Continue reading Making Keto Marzipan for the Holidays (Edible Play-Doh for Adults)