Big Changes, Minimal Acceptance

I’m lying on a stretcher in the preoperative care unit waiting for my VNS surgery. What better time to write a blog post? (I finished it, however, a few days later.) As I mentioned in my previous entry, last week was a doozy. Most notably, on Tuesday we had a team meeting in which I … Continue reading Big Changes, Minimal Acceptance



I have a new body part. (That’s what you call an ankle-foot orthotic, right?) Acquiring it took time (of which I have near-endless amounts) and patience (of which I have almost none). Since the orthotic is custom made, the orthopedist had to come to take a plaster mould of my foot and leg and carefully … Continue reading AFO

(Literal) Steps Forward

Good things are happening. First and, probably, foremost, I’ve started taking steps (using an “air walker” and with the assistance of two physiotherapists, but still). My first attempt I managed six; now I’m up to around twenty-five. It’s absolutely and unbelievably exhilarating to “walk.” It’s also very, very exhausting. Second, I passed my swallow test! … Continue reading (Literal) Steps Forward