This Post Is about a (Minor) Ketocal Explosion

I’m working on a normal-length post about something more important than what I’m about to document, but since an ... inspiring(?) event has transpired in the meantime, I find myself spontaneously moved to write. I mean, how could I not inform you that a Ketocal explosion recently took place in my hospital room? “Explosion” is, … Continue reading This Post Is about a (Minor) Ketocal Explosion

Seizures, Supplements, and Sweatpants (Control!)

If you know me irl (internet slang!!!) or are a regular reader of this blog, you're probably aware that I'm someone who places great value on controlling every aspect of my life I possibly can. My ability to stick to rigid, self-imposed rules is, as I've learned, a power that I can use for good … Continue reading Seizures, Supplements, and Sweatpants (Control!)