Oh, Christmas Tree

My husband and I originally planned to put up our Christmas tree today, the first Saturday of the month. Last Friday, though, it occurred to me that the first weekend of December falls awfully late this year. (This realization may or may not have been linked to the abundance of tree-decorating posts that had begun … Continue reading Oh, Christmas Tree

Early Christmasing for Fun and Sanity

For the last several years, I haven't even tried to stop myself from being that overly enthusiastic Christmas celebrator you probably try to ignore until December. My husband was a little wary when I announced a few Sundays ago that seeing as Halloween had passed, the holiday season had officially begun. "It's November 1," he … Continue reading Early Christmasing for Fun and Sanity


I’ve been enacting a literal and figurative cleansing ritual since coming home from the hospital: getting rid of tons of stuff around the house, getting tons of practical stuff in order, having nightly bubble baths. Though I’ve accomplished a lot in not very long, I’ve also worn myself down a bit. Late last week, my … Continue reading Pivot

Oh Hey There, It’s Me in the Neuro Ward

As I’m sure you’re aware, last Monday—my transfer day—has come and gone. I didn’t back out at the last minute; I was in near-constant freak-out mode; I experienced a weird ambulance ride with a nurse (one of my favourites), me on a stretcher because it’s policy even though I’m mobile and could’ve made the journey … Continue reading Oh Hey There, It’s Me in the Neuro Ward

This Post Is about a (Minor) Ketocal Explosion

I’m working on a normal-length post about something more important than what I’m about to document, but since an ... inspiring(?) event has transpired in the meantime, I find myself spontaneously moved to write. I mean, how could I not inform you that a Ketocal explosion recently took place in my hospital room? “Explosion” is, … Continue reading This Post Is about a (Minor) Ketocal Explosion