Bye(?), Convulsive Seizures

After reviewing his records of such things, my husband informed me a few days ago that my tonic-clonic seizures have almost disappeared. In fact, over the past two months, I’ve only experienced one. One. I knew, or at least suspected, that I wasn't having very many of them, but it hadn't occurred to me to check … Continue reading Bye(?), Convulsive Seizures


Cottage Time

We celebrated the official start of summer—and my husband’s birthday, and the solstice, and amazing, lovely people—last weekend with a trip to a cottage on Lake Huron. Friends whom we consider more like extended family have a cottage in the area, and their daughter (who's also like family!) owns the one next door to theirs. … Continue reading Cottage Time

Two Weeks to Two Months: A Tangible Sign of Progress (Yay!)

I've been going to see my epileptologist every two weeks or so to have my VNS adjusted—and for other epilepsy stuff—since, um, December? (Maybe since sometime in November. Please excuse my imprecision; I'm going to go ahead and use the "bad memory for neurological reasons" line, but really I'm just too lazy to scan through … Continue reading Two Weeks to Two Months: A Tangible Sign of Progress (Yay!)