Not in Ottawa/Obnoxiously Festive

I was supposed to travel to Ottawa this weekend to attend an event that I'd been looking forward to for months. While acknowledging that there's basically no chance that you don't see where I'm headed with this, I'll nonetheless take the liberty of allowing myself a dramatic, bold-and-italics-style reveal. No Ottawa for me. I'll admit … Continue reading Not in Ottawa/Obnoxiously Festive

Some Positive VNS News in the News

Yes, I mean news news, not news of the personal-and-complainy variety. Yesterday I ran across this article about five-year-old Emma, who's the first patient in Canada to have the most recently released VNS model implanted. When she was seven months old, Emma was diagnosed with the seizure disorder infantile spasms (IS); her parents are hosting an … Continue reading Some Positive VNS News in the News

July in Two Words (So What?)

On this first day of August, I've been looking back over the last month and realizing that a major part of my doing-my-best-to-shrug-off-all-the-stuff-I-feel-powerless-about-and-thus-resent strategy in July was to repeat a simple phrase to myself, usually, but not always (being the awkward person I am), in my head. I've grown to appreciate the power of these … Continue reading July in Two Words (So What?)

It’s Officially Summer, and I’m Not Sure Why I’m Not Dreading the Next Few Months

Friday was the first day of summer, the summer solstice, and my husband's birthday. It was one of the first truly warm and sunny days of 2019, my wonderful mother-in-law was visiting, and even though I was/am still slowly emerging from a pretty rotten couple of weeks, the cause(s) of this rottenness likely triggered by … Continue reading It’s Officially Summer, and I’m Not Sure Why I’m Not Dreading the Next Few Months