Happy Purple Day!

I don't have the time or energy to write a long post, but it's Purple Day, twenty-four hours dedicated to epilepsy awareness, so I owe it to myself and to this blog to remind you that epilepsy exists, it sucks, and lots of people live with it—including me (surprise). In other words, let's all wear … Continue reading Happy Purple Day!

Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

I guess I jinxed myself with my last post about getting out of my neighbourhood—or maybe the problem was that getting out of my neighbourhood was way too exciting for my brain to handle—because two weeks ago, I made another journey to the hospital. This one unplanned, in an ambulance, and while actively seizing. It’d … Continue reading Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

Oh Hey There, It’s Me in the Neuro Ward

As I’m sure you’re aware, last Monday—my transfer day—has come and gone. I didn’t back out at the last minute; I was in near-constant freak-out mode; I experienced a weird ambulance ride with a nurse (one of my favourites), me on a stretcher because it’s policy even though I’m mobile and could’ve made the journey … Continue reading Oh Hey There, It’s Me in the Neuro Ward