Get Your Fingers Outta My Mouth

If that sounded dirty, it was, but only because the culprit (i.e., the well-meaning but misinformed stranger trying to help) almost definitely hadn't washed his/her fingers before using them to try to stop me from dying from the oldest of epilepsy perils: tongue-swallowing. And on the off chance you're wondering why I'm upset that this … Continue reading Get Your Fingers Outta My Mouth

OK, Now Everybody Panic!

Just kidding. Please don't. A few days ago, a friend asked me what she should do if I have a seizure while we’re together. Her question—a good one, obviously—made me realize that I should be more proactive about volunteering that information, especially to people I spend significant amounts of time with, so I thought it … Continue reading OK, Now Everybody Panic!