Steady(ish) She Goes

I’ve been at rehab for over two weeks. I’ve settled in and already feel as if I’m making progress, though I’ll admit that, being the impatient person I am, I get frustrated that I’m not a specimen of perfect human health already. I try to consistently look back and reflect on where I was a … Continue reading Steady(ish) She Goes


(Literal) Steps Forward

Good things are happening. First and, probably, foremost, I’ve started taking steps (using an “air walker” and with the assistance of two physiotherapists, but still). My first attempt I managed six; now I’m up to around twenty-five. It’s absolutely and unbelievably exhilarating to “walk.” It’s also very, very exhausting. Second, I passed my swallow test! … Continue reading (Literal) Steps Forward

A Blog Post That Has Nothing to Do with Christmas Stickers

Although I'd been contemplating breaking my blog silence for weeks (how many posts have I started with some variation of this?), it took a moment this morning in which the more rational part of my brain reassured me that I was, as is my way, grossly overcomplicating the situation for me to go ahead and … Continue reading A Blog Post That Has Nothing to Do with Christmas Stickers