Creative Solutions to Practical Problems

My husband took a well-deserved vacation last week. He spent it both relaxing and getting things done, and I spent most of it in his office, which I commandeered the Friday his time off began and quickly turned into a low(er)-stimuli retreat—my version of a spa, minus the pedicures and saunas and without the danger … Continue reading Creative Solutions to Practical Problems

Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

I guess I jinxed myself with my last post about getting out of my neighbourhood—or maybe the problem was that getting out of my neighbourhood was way too exciting for my brain to handle—because two weeks ago, I made another journey to the hospital. This one unplanned, in an ambulance, and while actively seizing. It’d … Continue reading Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)