Cottage Time

We celebrated the official start of summer—and my husband’s birthday, and the solstice, and amazing, lovely people—last weekend with a trip to a cottage on Lake Huron. Friends whom we consider more like extended family have a cottage in the area, and their daughter (who's also like family!) owns the one next door to theirs. … Continue reading Cottage Time

In Anticipation of Winter (Bad Circulation, Bad Attitude)

It’s rapidly getting chillier outside, and I’m rapidly getting more panicky about how I’m going to handle the winter months. Some people joyously welcome October and the changing leaves, donning their leggings and oversize sweaters and ordering their pumpkin spice whatevers (OK, I do this too; don’t judge). I agonize about the coming snow and … Continue reading In Anticipation of Winter (Bad Circulation, Bad Attitude)