Seeing Noses (Some of Them Red)

This is a post about how I made myself angry this afternoon by counting noses on public transportation. As one does. Perfectly normal, right? My husband and I are pretty—OK, very, very—careful when it comes to COVID-19 and PPE. We take calculated risks, sure, as evidenced by the fact that I was on the TTC … Continue reading Seeing Noses (Some of Them Red)

A Blip Is (Just) a Blip

It's been a challenging few weeks. My dietitian and I have been experimenting with slowly ramping up the carbohydrates in my meal plan. It's all trial and error, really, this trying to find a balance between managing my seizures and working toward my weight-gain goals. The process is rewarding when I make tangible and relatively … Continue reading A Blip Is (Just) a Blip