(Seizure) Status

Well, friends, the last while has been, um, interesting, at least from a seizure perspective. At the core of this interestingness have been continuing Dilantin woes. I really wish that Dilantin weren't the anticonvulsant that seems to be most effective for me in terms of seizure control, mostly because a) it's been a pain in … Continue reading (Seizure) Status


Check In/Check Up

I’ll begin by acknowledging that despite having had the best of intentions to write at least a post a week throughout January, I’ve instead continued to more or less ignore this blog. I’ve had legitimate reasons for falling short on my WordPress duties, but the guilt nonetheless remains, so I’m just, you know, putting it … Continue reading Check In/Check Up

I’m Home, Getting Better, and Really Cranky

I was discharged from the neuro ward last Monday evening (appropriately, I guess, the date of my release coincided with Purple Day [for epilepsy awareness]). Except for an appointment a few days ago and a ten-minute walk yesterday afternoon, I've been more or less chilling ever since. I hate chilling. Although I'm super happy to … Continue reading I’m Home, Getting Better, and Really Cranky

Dilantin, ER, Vomit: A(nother) Scattered Blog Post

I'm currently prescribed five anticonvulsants. Five. Some are better than others, but each is its own special flower/beast, in terms of side-effect profile. That said, I'm grateful that I've found a combination of medications that's kept me out of the hospital since the summer.* Among the drugs currently inhabiting my blister pack is phenytoin (Dilantin), … Continue reading Dilantin, ER, Vomit: A(nother) Scattered Blog Post