Another Year Wiser(ish), Very Thankful

It was my birthday last Saturday. I'm another year older! (Yay?) Yes, I've acquired some additional signs of my impending old age over these past twelve months. I've also, however, gained some real wisdom. (Yay for real this time.) It's been quite the year. I won't claim not to be the person I was in … Continue reading Another Year Wiser(ish), Very Thankful

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

As the self-explanatory title of this blog post makes clear, it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Though 2017 has been difficult in ways that are sometimes hard for me to articulate, my Year of the Disobedient Brain has, in many respects, allowed me to better recognize my privilege and focus on the things for which … Continue reading Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!