A Silvery Dilantinish Lining

I’ve been feeling so much better since that episode of status epilepticus. As I’ve had time to recover from the seizure itself, my Dilantin level has gradually come down, though it’s not yet at an ideal place (more on that in a moment). Best of all, and somewhat paradoxically, I’ve been having way fewer seizures … Continue reading A Silvery Dilantinish Lining

A Terrible Week

Well, readers, this has been quite the week. Let me start with the positive: I’m starting to feel significantly better, and I’m not dead. (I guess those two things are connected.) Oh, and I don’t remember most of Monday and Tuesday, which is probably good. Yep, I’m being pretty dramatic. I feel like I deserve … Continue reading A Terrible Week

This Post Is about a (Minor) Ketocal Explosion

I’m working on a normal-length post about something more important than what I’m about to document, but since an ... inspiring(?) event has transpired in the meantime, I find myself spontaneously moved to write. I mean, how could I not inform you that a Ketocal explosion recently took place in my hospital room? “Explosion” is, … Continue reading This Post Is about a (Minor) Ketocal Explosion