Best Month Ever! (Well, in the Past Year.)

In my last entry, dedicated to gloating about a major reduction in my tonic-clonic seizures, I indicated that I'd give an update about my complex partials "in a future post." Believe it or not, I'm following through, and in a relatively timely manner, no less. This is that future post. The future is now. I … Continue reading Best Month Ever! (Well, in the Past Year.)


Bye(?), Convulsive Seizures

After reviewing his records of such things, my husband informed me a few days ago that my tonic-clonic seizures have almost disappeared. In fact, over the past two months, I’ve only experienced one. One. I knew, or at least suspected, that I wasn't having very many of them, but it hadn't occurred to me to check … Continue reading Bye(?), Convulsive Seizures