Seizures, Supplements, and Sweatpants (Control!)

If you know me irl (internet slang!!!) or are a regular reader of this blog, you're probably aware that I'm someone who places great value on controlling every aspect of my life I possibly can. My ability to stick to rigid, self-imposed rules is, as I've learned, a power that I can use for good … Continue reading Seizures, Supplements, and Sweatpants (Control!)

Birth-Yay! (Happy Birthday, Husband)

Yesterday I was in the same room as my husband for the second time in three months. In a happy coincidence that I hadn't, to be perfectly honest, actually considered when I asked for another exception to the hospital's current no-visitors policy and was given permission for him to come, it was both my husband's … Continue reading Birth-Yay! (Happy Birthday, Husband)

A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)

As Canada locks down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Toronto—the city in which I live—has taken bold, necessary steps to “flatten the curve.” Elementary and secondary schools are closed. Public libraries are closed. Most retail outlets are closed. Universities have transitioned to online learning. Lots of other stuff has happened in the gap between … Continue reading A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)

I’m Home, Getting Better, and Really Cranky

I was discharged from the neuro ward last Monday evening (appropriately, I guess, the date of my release coincided with Purple Day [for epilepsy awareness]). Except for an appointment a few days ago and a ten-minute walk yesterday afternoon, I've been more or less chilling ever since. I hate chilling. Although I'm super happy to … Continue reading I’m Home, Getting Better, and Really Cranky

A Grateful Patient: Thanks in/for Retro Terracotta

Deep within the hospital at which I receive the majority of my care, there's a hallway featuring terracotta plaques bearing the names of individuals and organizations who/that donated to a fundraising campaign sometime in the 1980s or 1990s. The exact date slips my memory, but the style of the installation suggests that it wasn't in … Continue reading A Grateful Patient: Thanks in/for Retro Terracotta


I’m home! A neurology resident stopped by my room yesterday and told me that since I was doing better than expected, I would be discharged and my medication titration would continue on an outpatient basis. And so the wires on my head were taken off, prescriptions were called in to my pharmacy, a discharge summary … Continue reading Home