A Terrible Week

Well, readers, this has been quite the week.

Let me start with the positive: I’m starting to feel significantly better, and I’m not dead. (I guess those two things are connected.) Oh, and I don’t remember most of Monday and Tuesday, which is probably good.

Yep, I’m being pretty dramatic. I feel like I deserve to be, though. Not only did I go into status epilepticus and require a transfer to and treatment in the ICU, but part of that treatment resulted in my Dilantin level soaring into the toxic range. In case you’re wondering, Dilantin toxicity doesn’t feel very good.

I’m back in my regular unit, and my Dilantin, though still high for me, is no longer scarily high. My last IV came out this morning, and I got dressed for the first time since this all began. I’m more able to keep stuff down and had an afternoon-long nap but didn’t sleep the entire day. I even left my room!

It’s especially weird and disappointing that this happened because my seizures have actually been trending in the right direction lately. It’s hard not to see it as a real setback in terms of my epilepsy (obviously), my eating (which has been set off course by the medical issues I’ve been facing), and my postictal psychosis (which, unsurprisingly, has been pretty bad over the last few days). But … whatever. I’m lucky that I’m here and was thus able to receive medical intervention so rapidly, and I’m lucky that I now have support to quickly get back on track.

The ICU nurse who discharged me to a nurse from my usual unit apparently told me that it made total sense that I felt awful; it was as if, she said, I’d just done three marathons in a row.

I can tell you one thing: this definitely isn’t a sprint.

New goal: obtaining an inflating warming blanket for regular use.

(Some other positives, lest you think I’m focusing only on the negative here. 1] I have photo evidence that I got to use a “bear hug,” one of those inflating warming blankets, even if I don’t remember it; 2] I apparently demanded that a nurse bring enough food for my ginormous meal plan from my regular unit to the ICU [what dedication, even if I couldn’t tolerate actually eating said food]; and 3] an EEG done in the ICU showed activity suggestive of another area of “cerebral dysfunction,” which may be a step forward in unraveling the mystery that is my brain.)


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