Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

I guess I jinxed myself with my last post about getting out of my neighbourhood—or maybe the problem was that getting out of my neighbourhood was way too exciting for my brain to handle—because two weeks ago, I made another journey to the hospital. This one unplanned, in an ambulance, and while actively seizing. It’d … Continue reading Hello, ER. (I Hate You, Phenytoin.)

A Terrible Week

Well, readers, this has been quite the week. Let me start with the positive: I’m starting to feel significantly better, and I’m not dead. (I guess those two things are connected.) Oh, and I don’t remember most of Monday and Tuesday, which is probably good. Yep, I’m being pretty dramatic. I feel like I deserve … Continue reading A Terrible Week


I’m home! A neurology resident stopped by my room yesterday and told me that since I was doing better than expected, I would be discharged and my medication titration would continue on an outpatient basis. And so the wires on my head were taken off, prescriptions were called in to my pharmacy, a discharge summary … Continue reading Home