It’s been a while. I was working on another post about seizures and injuries and pain, but I kept having seizures and hurting myself and wallowing in physical and emotional discomfort. Then I thought I’d write about the sense of emotional isolation—often only perceived and/or self-afflicted— that I’ve experienced since I started having seizures and that’s been worsening in recent months, but by sitting alone and trying to compose it I was, I realized, exacerbating a problem I’ve been trying my best to control. So for now, no Pain Management: Part 2. You didn’t want to read it anyway.

Instead … CHRISTMAS!

I’m all about the holidays, mostly because they’re a mode of procrastination that’s widely sanctioned by even, probably especially, the most unreligious among us. Though I’m a lapsed Catholic, I revel in the decorating, cookie-baking, gift-wrapping chaos now associated with Jesus’ birth. Thanks, commercialization of religious celebrations. Seriously.

It’s pretty extraordinary how much I can accomplish when I’m not doing what I should be. Among other activities, I’ve put up a tree, knit miniature Santas and snowmen (pictured below), and attempted to create Christmas cards that are nice enough to mail out. All this thesis-avoidance has, paradoxically, led to a record-breaking few weeks of writing, though, to be fair, the record I broke was dismally low to begin with. In any case, I’m inching ever closer to finishing my dissertation while also decking the proverbial halls with nauseatingly glittery pinecones.’Tis the season.

Procrastination as its most festive.
Procrastination at its most festive.

2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Sometimes distraction is best to reset our heads. Enjoy decking the halls! The little Santa and Snowman are so adorable. Buon Natale! 🙂

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