Thinking about Epilepsy: Featured Questionnaire #1!

If you know me in real life/are Facebook friends with me, I probably bugged you a few weeks ago to fill out a questionnaire about epilepsy. While I finish analyzing the resulting data (i.e., while I procrastinate and let the files fester somewhere in the depths of my computer), every few days I’ll post excerpts from a questionnaire completed by someone who gave me permission to feature their exemplary work. Anonymously, of course, because … I don’t know. Science?

First up: one of our best Toronto friends!

In order to maintain his anonymity, I couldn't use his true likeness. I will, however, encourage him to change his hair to green glitter glue..
In order to maintain his anonymity, I couldn’t use his true likeness. I will, however, encourage him to change his hair to green glitter glue.


How much did you know about epilepsy before meeting me/before I was diagnosed with epilepsy?

I knew a little about epilepsy – that lack of sleep & other factors could contribute, and a little bit about anticonvulsant medication. I’d heard about auras.

How much about epilepsy do you know now?

I would say… considerably more, in terms of how to react, but also more about the differences between types and causes of seizures! Also that epilepsy basically just means “has seizures sometimes”.

Have you witnessed me having a seizure? If so, what did you do besides panic and wish you could run away?

I’ve never actually seen you have a seizure, but I did hear you fall in the hallway. You either didn’t lose consciousness or regained it immediately, and said you were fine.  Witnessing a seizure is not a panic inducing experience for me. If you started coughing up blood I would panic.

Has this exercise shamed you into learning more about epilepsy and seizure first aid so that you can be less ignorant and POTENTIALLY SAVE MY (or someone else’s) LIFE?

I have no shame!

Additional comments (flattery welcome):

I hope I don’t weird you out with my fascination with brain-related illness.  I think you’ve done well to make people aware of epilepsy – I have other friends who suffer from epilepsy but don’t speak up about it.  I will not stick my dirty fingers in your mouth.

So there you go. My academic analysis of this questionnaire: we hang out with awesome people.


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