Ice-Cream Sunday (Groan): Corn Edition

Since my last post was serious and related to epilepsy for once, it’s as good a time as any to return to what I secretly want all (or most of) my entries to be: ice-cream reviews.

You might think that the words “ice cream” and “corn” don’t go together. I’m here to tell you that you’re sadly mistaken.

I’m a major lover of corn, and not just in the “I occasionally eat a nice fresh cob of it when it’s in season, in the manner of many people in my culture” sense. Some examples of my corn devotion are as follows.

  1. I once crafted a series of corn jokes, though the jokes themselves were admittedly all in the service of the punchline I thought of first (“Sorry if you found my jokes a little … CORNY”).
  2. I was so excited when LEGO came out with a corn-man minifigure that I could hardly contain myself and didn’t stop thinking about the a-maize-ing little guy until I had acquired him.
  3. I’m laughing out loud at my a-maize-ing corn wordplay.
  4. Most tellingly, probably, I’m currently writing a blog post about a corn-flavoured ice-cream treat.

So yes, imagine my joy when I discovered that corn ice cream exists in this universe, a universe that contains both me and corn-flavoured ice cream and that I suddenly felt much more positive about.

The marriage of corn and ice cream, two of the things that give me the most pleasure; what could go wrong?


In line waiting to purchase my treat. Note husband in background conspicuously not holding a corn-flavoured ice-cream novelty.


My husband, incidentally, was able to think of many things that could go wrong. So many that he was reluctant to even smell the corn ice-cream treat that I purchased and devoured shortly after learning that it was available to me. I offered him a taste, but that was 100% off the corn-ice-cream-laden table.

Whatever, corn hater! More for me. Indeed, I’m happy to report that my cob-shaped ice-cream novelty was creamy, satisfying, and looked and tasted uncannily like corn. To me, someone who appreciates realism in artificially created foods, this was a major point in its favour.


Is it a cob of corn, or is it a corn-flavoured ice-cream novelty?


The Sweet Corn Icecream Sandwich (as the name is styled on the package), which I purchased at my local Korean market, is a complex delight. The outer shell is a spongey waffle; next is a thin layer of chocolate; and then comes the ice cream, which is studded with real corn kernels that add a chewiness that I’m surprised I enjoyed, given my usual texture issues (see my review of QQ Pudding). I ate it very quickly and liked it very much.

Sorry that the actual review portion of this post is so short. I’m new to this. Bear with me. I’ll try to improve.


A kernel-dotted adventure.


You might be reading this, gagging, and telling yourself that corn is a savoury food that shouldn’t be made into ice cream. You’d be forgetting, though, that if you live in North America and buy corn in cob form at the grocery store, it’s almost definitely of the sweet variety. If you reject it as an ice-cream flavour, that’s your problem, not corn’s. Corn is delicious. Corn is wonderful. Corn is versatile. Just look at this corn-man and tell him that he can’t do and be whatever he sets his mind to.


Don’t you dare shatter Corn-Man’s illusions.


And do yourself a favour and try a Sweet Corn Icecream Sandwich. I can’t promise that you won’t be disappointed; I can, however, promise that you’ll be able to tell your friends and family that you’ve tried a Sweet Corn Icecream Sandwich.



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