Christmas “Spirit”

I keep forgetting that it’s almost Christmas, likely because I recently got back from the vacation I can’t shut up about and have been preoccupied with other stuff that my mind is conflating to seem much more important than it probably is.

This Christmas apathy is both a problem, since I haven’t done any shopping or written any cards (yes, this post is a drawn-out way of informing friends and family that they shouldn’t expect anything from me in their mailbox anytime soon), and strange, since I’m usually all about over-celebrating the holidays. I started right on schedule with my Christmas preparations this year—i.e., inappropriately early—but my enthusiasm almost completely petered out within mere days. At least I managed to spend hours arranging and rearranging the lights on the tree first.

I went for a woodlands theme this year. #randompickle
I went for a woodlands theme this year. #randompickle

It’s time to take control and resume my rightful position as obnoxiously enthusiastic celebrator of Christmas. To that end, I’m listening to a Christmas mix on Spotify in an attempt to put myself back in the spirit, I spent fifteen minutes this afternoon staring at the tree (“FOCUS, KG,” I told myself; “CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. YOU CAN DO THIS”), and I bought some waxy Christmas chocolates from the dollar store and have been periodically contemplating eating them, though I haven’t gone so far as to actually do it because they’re really only for decoration.

As I wrote about a few posts ago, I narrowly dodged spending Christmas in the hospital this year, and as regular readers know, I spent a significant chunk of the 2013 holiday period in the hospital. I feel like I should be extra-motivated, then, to have a super-fantastic Christmas this time around. Or maybe I should just be easy on myself and take things as they come. Food for thought: delicious traditional Christmas food that I won’t prepare. Sigh.


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