Two and a Half Weeks Later

It’s been over two weeks now, and I’m still chillin’ in the hospital.

Positive spin: I get to eat that amazing hospital food that I featured in my last blog entry; all social engagements must take place at my bedside, which is convenient for me and immensely inconvenient for others; I have lots of time to read for pleasure, even if I can’t concentrate and feel guilty for not making progress on my dissertation (note that I am, in actuality, slowly working through a hard copy of one of the chapters that I need to revise, but this is proving a tedious undertaking); lengthy hospitalizations make me really super grateful for my regular life and family and friends.

But really, let’s be honest here: being in the hospital kind of, really, sucks.

That salmon and wild rice I raved about in my last post? Well, I’ve now had it so many days in a row that I’m almost ready to give it a break, which, if you’re familiar with my eating habits, is saying something.

Mostly, I’m so incredibly bored. It’s awesome when people visit—thank you, visitors!—but in the gaps in between, it’s very hard to keep myself entertained.

There are, indeed, so many gaps and so much boredom. Since concentration is currently a major problem, as are fatigue and nausea and dizziness, the range of activities open to me is relatively narrow (not that the range of activities possible in a hospital setting is exactly wide). I usually end up eating, reading a chapter, flipping back and rereading a few pages because I realize that I haven’t absorbed anything I’d read, socializing a little, eating again, waiting for someone to provide me with a lifeline to the outside world, napping, maybe editing a paragraph or two, and repeating these activities in various configurations until it’s time for bed.

Soon—fingers crossed!—I’ll be back to my normal, over-scheduled existence. I think I’ll start penciling in naps as proof that I’ve gleaned a positive lesson or two from my stay here. I’m pretty excited, though, to get back to my regular, non-institutional routine.




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