Sun, Cautious Optimism, and Fancy New Sneakers

It’s been a rough May. My city’s still in COVID-19 lockdown, and until a few days ago, it was—or at least it felt like it was—an unusually cold spring. On top of that, I’ve been having health issues that I won’t get into here (but probably will in my next post if I work up the nerve).

It’s funny, though, how things can suddenly start to seem . . . better? Not completely and magically better, of course, because that isn’t how life works #realism. But better enough to give me a little boost that’s allowed me to begin approaching challenges with more energy.

Indeed, there’ve been improvements on multiple fronts. The weather has shifted—it’s now so warm out, in fact, that I’ve officially put my winter jacket away (for me, this is major). Ontario’s case numbers are going down while vaccination numbers are ticking up. With information from recent appointments, I’ve been able to process and think about what my options and priorities are, and I’m newly confident that solutions that make sense for me, a person with complex medical needs, can and will be found. In other words, sun and cautious optimism.

Which brings me to perhaps the best news of all: that with the help of one of my closest friends, I tracked down a pair of sneakers I for whatever reason become obsessed with and then couldn’t locate in my size. I bought them, they arrived yesterday, and they make me so, so happy.

Sun, cautious optimism, and fancy new sneakers. Baby steps, readers.

I love these sneakers. Don’t judge.


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