Preparing to Hibernate

I’ve been taking advantage of the last nice days of fall, and of my raging metabolism, which has turned me into a sweaty monster who prefers much-lower temperatures than I’m generally able to stand, by spending as much time as I possibly can outside, most of it (socially distanced from other customers) on the patio … Continue reading Preparing to Hibernate

It’s Nice Out, and I Hate It

Looking out my window and at the weather app on my phone tells me that it's no longer winter, which is a little hard for me to process since this hospital stay began in early December and the last time I was outside was in February. Lemme tell you: I'm not a fan of everyone … Continue reading It’s Nice Out, and I Hate It

A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)

As Canada locks down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Toronto—the city in which I live—has taken bold, necessary steps to “flatten the curve.” Elementary and secondary schools are closed. Public libraries are closed. Most retail outlets are closed. Universities have transitioned to online learning. Lots of other stuff has happened in the gap between … Continue reading A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)