A Dose of the Real World

I had an appointment with my epileptologist on Friday morning. Since he needed to check my VNS, an implanted device, I had to go to the hospital to see him. There happened to be fresh snow on the ground. I was admiring the pureness of it and pulling on my winter boots as I waited … Continue reading A Dose of the Real World

A Blip Is (Just) a Blip

It's been a challenging few weeks. My dietitian and I have been experimenting with slowly ramping up the carbohydrates in my meal plan. It's all trial and error, really, this trying to find a balance between managing my seizures and working toward my weight-gain goals. The process is rewarding when I make tangible and relatively … Continue reading A Blip Is (Just) a Blip

A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)

As Canada locks down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Toronto—the city in which I live—has taken bold, necessary steps to “flatten the curve.” Elementary and secondary schools are closed. Public libraries are closed. Most retail outlets are closed. Universities have transitioned to online learning. Lots of other stuff has happened in the gap between … Continue reading A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)