A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)

As Canada locks down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Toronto—the city in which I live—has taken bold, necessary steps to “flatten the curve.” Elementary and secondary schools are closed. Public libraries are closed. Most retail outlets are closed. Universities have transitioned to online learning. Lots of other stuff has happened in the gap between … Continue reading A COVID-19 Post to Add to the Millions in Your Inbox (Please Read!)

Another Update

Hey! 👋 It’s me with another of my incredibly sporadic updates. There’s been a lot going on in my brain over the past few weeks, so naturally I'm choosing now, when I’m most likely to commit egregious spelling and grammar errors and to produce a longwinded and disjointed post, to break my blog silence. If … Continue reading Another Update

July in Two Words (So What?)

On this first day of August, I've been looking back over the last month and realizing that a major part of my doing-my-best-to-shrug-off-all-the-stuff-I-feel-powerless-about-and-thus-resent strategy in July was to repeat a simple phrase to myself, usually, but not always (being the awkward person I am), in my head. I've grown to appreciate the power of these … Continue reading July in Two Words (So What?)

Cane Game: Getting My Mobility On, Feeling Stuff

It's been several months since my second surgery and its ensuing complications, which included some left-sided weakness, and despite my many efforts, I haven't yet managed to convince my medical professionals that I'm ready to completely ditch the cane that I started using while in the hospital. Believe me, I've tried. With impressive persistence, too. … Continue reading Cane Game: Getting My Mobility On, Feeling Stuff