The Patio

Every spring for the past many, my husband and I told ourselves that we were going to make better use of our patio, which is remarkably large for one belonging to a city apartment. In March, April, May, those shoulder months when the weather is periodically warm enough to allow you to imagine being outside by choice, we began scheming. This, we promised ourselves, would be the year we’d follow through with the patio upgrade we’d been talking about for so long.

We’d had the same small bistro set, purchased for sixty or seventy dollars, for at least half a decade. It was fine—serviceable, in any case—but represented lost potential, and what’s worse than that? And yet the pattern repeated itself time and time again: we made lists, perused the IKEA website, maybe went so far as to decide what tabletop grill we wanted, and then procrastinated until it felt as if the summer had snuck away from us, as if we’d “wasted” it and should make do with the little table and two chairs we already owned so that we could jump the gun earlier the following year and get our money’s worth. As a bonus, we could then spend the rest of the summer complaining about what a shame it was that we didn’t have nicer stuff for our back deck.

I’m pleased to announce that this was the summer we finally made our patio a more attractive and comfortable place to be. Go us! Yay for whole blog posts dedicated to celebrating minor victories!

We started with a charcoal grill. My husband “seasoned” it, whatever that means, and we’ve been cooking on it most weekends. We then tackled the more challenging task—ordering the outdoor furniture. It was surprisingly difficult to find items that both suited us and were in stock, but we eventually did, they eventually arrived, and we can now pat ourselves on the back for accomplishing what I’d begun to assume we never would.

We were extra motivated this year to make our patio appealing not only to us, but also to our friends. It’s now possible, COVID-wise, to have people over for social get-togethers (if certain criteria are met), and we feel safe seeing friends and family members who are fully vaccinated. They need to come to us, though, since I’m not venturing far from home these days for health-related reasons. That’s a pretty big ask, so it’s only fair that we provide an inviting space in which to hang out with them.

I’ll use the previous paragraph to segue to an acknowledgement that I’ve been silent about what’s been happening in my life. In short: it’s been dominated by relatively serious medical stuff. You can rest assured that my support team and I have figured out a care plan that’s been working. I’ve been sticking to it and am starting to notice improvements. I might write more about this later, but I might not. I’m still deciding.

If you’re someone I know in real life, I’m happy to chat. Feel free to send me a message. This blog post, however, will end here, with another self-congratulatory pat on the back for buying a grill and some patio furniture.

Such good adulting.


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