Double Jabbed!

My husband and I both got our second Pfizer dose last Thursday. We’d been scheduled to receive it at the end of July, so it was really, really nice to be given the opportunity to change our appointment date by such a significant chunk of time.

💉💪🏻✔️ 🎉

It’s been interesting to observe that relief hasn’t been the only or, indeed, the primary emotion that’s accompanied my new status as a fully vaccinated individual. Hefty and unexpected measures of anxiety, fear, apprehension, and guilt are also in the mix.

The world is truly starting to open up to us. For reasons related to my health, though, I can’t enthusiastically embrace it—the world, that is—quite yet.

In this transitional period, I’m choosing to focus on the positive—above all, on gratitude and on pride. My husband and I, like pretty much everyone else, have made it through some rough, isolating stuff this past year, and as I proactively deal with ongoing medical challenges, I frequently remind myself that I’m incredibly fortunate to have the support I do. Watching glimmers of “post-COVID-19?” evolve into a concrete post-COVID-19 reality is even more incentive to work hard to become and remain as healthy as I can possibly be. I refuse to miss out.

First on my post-COVID-restrictions, strong-enough-me dream list? A LEGO theme party. “Go big or go home,” as my dad would say.


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