This Christmas

I’m taking a few minutes from my Boxing Day to wish you a happy holiday week (if that’s relevant to you). I hope that you’re striking a balance between celebration and safety and that you’re responsibly marking the season in a way that feels right to you. In other words, Merry Christmas! Or not.

My husband and I agreed that our Christmas this year was the best we’ve had in a long time. We unwrapped gifts, went for a short walk, talked to family, ate some special foods, and, above all, relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Oh, and I didn’t have any seizures. How normal it was, and the fact that we were home together, in our own space, in front of our own tree, was the result of the hard work that we’ve been doing to improve my health. There was something immensely satisfying about that.

View from couch.

Indeed, this Christmas (don’t worry, it isn’t over—I’ll drag it out as long as I possibly can) has reinforced why we’re investing this effort into building the future we’ve chosen for ourselves. Yesterday, on Christmas, we experienced that future. Parts of it, anyway. There’s still a long path ahead, but instead of entering 2022 making new resolutions, we’ll begin it on solid ground, needing simply to continue carrying out a plan that’s been working for us.

There’s nothing more “normal” than coffee-table lobsters, right? 🦞 🦞

The one way we could, in my opinion, tweak this plan is by incorporating more celebration, and not just on major holidays. I now see how motivating it is to take time to enjoy the benefits of tackling a task so scary and big that I sometimes worry that I won’t be able to achieve it. But I’ve made it this far, and these moments of quiet, effortless joy serve as reminders of what it is that I most value. 


2 thoughts on “This Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Kathleen. Coffee table lobster is hilarious. I agree about dragging out the celebrations for as long as we can. Loved your card and agree we need to make a reunion happen. Truly glad you both had a wonderful Christmas!

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