Purple Walking

I seem to recall writing an overly emotional post about the Purple Walk for Epilepsy last year, and I’m about to unashamedly allow history to repeat itself. For everyone’s benefit, I’ll keep it short.

What it comes down to is this: since living with chronic illness can be isolating, and since seizures can be stigmatizing, the opportunity to take part in an event focused on celebrating and supporting the epilepsy community is, for me, hugely significant.

Today, I didn’t feel alone in dealing with the implications of having a condition that profoundly shapes how I conduct my life. Instead, I spotted some of the medical professionals responsible for my care walking amidst the enormous crowd, helping raise money and awareness, and sensed some of the traditional doctor-patient barriers (temporarily, at least) dissolve; I witnessed several participants have seizures mid-walk and felt a new appreciation for what my husband experiences on a regular basis; I saw people walking for their fathers, mothers, cousins, children, friends, for themselves.

Today, I was immersed in a loud, joyous, sweaty sea of purple hope.



2 thoughts on “Purple Walking

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to be part of one! Would Ike to see something cycling someday for epilepsy.

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