Lots of Change, Some of It Good

I’m lucky to be writing this post today.

I’ve been in the hospital for four-ish months now, the first two of those in the ICU. Initially, I wasn’t expected to live. I had gone into septic shock due to multiple infections, and my heart and kidneys were failing. The doctors called a “code blue.” I was on life support and then had a tracheotomy. When I gained consciousness, I had no idea what had happened. I did, however, know that I couldn’t move or speak.

I’ve never felt as vulnerable and terrified as I have while here. I’ve also never felt as grateful. I’ve received tremendous medical care and incredible support. I’m alive. I’ll never again take that for granted.

Once all the major medical issues have been taken care of, I’ll transfer to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to continue working on correcting some of the physical repercussions of what my body has endured. I’ve had almost daily physiotherapy sessions and am so much stronger than I was. I recently started standing! (With the aid of two physiotherapists.) Walking, however, is a long way off, and I’m still unable to eat by mouth—all of my nutrition is delivered via G-tube. I have foot drop and a lingering infection. To top it off, I got COVID.

But I’ll say it again: no matter what remains to be tackled, I’m alive, and I’m determined to live as full a life possible. Thanks for being here with me.


2 thoughts on “Lots of Change, Some of It Good

  1. A remarkable journey! Cannot believe everything you have been through. You are in our thoughts all the time.

    I am sure the rehab facility will see you continuing to get stronger.

    All the best!!!

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