At Long Last, a Seizure!

Well, it finally happened: I had a seizure last night! Just a complex partial, but I’ll take it.

I’ve ever been this happy following an experience that should be semi-traumatic, except for maybe after a seizure the last time I was in the EMU. I had my electrodes changed yesterday, too, so it’s basically like Christmas came early this year. Forget a tree and gifts; just give me a shower and misfiring neurons.

This seizure varied a little from my typical ones. I remember brushing my teeth, feeling nauseated, and thinking “I should probably sit down.” And the next thing I recall is pulling the cord to summon the nurses. (I was on the floor, slumped with my back against the door and confused, so it seemed like a pretty good bet that some irregular brain activity had occurred.) Since I was in the bathroom, it unfortunately wasn’t filmed (though I suppose it’s fortunate that there aren’t cameras there—privacy and whatnot). However, the nurse spoke with the technicians on duty, who confirmed that something showed up on my EEG. Yay for data! Yay for seizures! Yay for maybe leaving soon!

I have to wait to talk to the epileptologist tonight to see what the game plan is now, but this is definitely a positive development.

In the meantime, keep ’em coming, brain, keep ’em coming.

The view from where I write. But not for much longer?(?!?!?!?!)

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