Rebreaking the Proverbial Ice

It’s been a while. (I’m sorry.)

I have three major updates, as well as many minor ones, but I haven’t been able to get myself to open a tab, write a few paragraphs, and click “publish” in over what—two weeks?—so I thought I’d start with something short and sweetish to break the proverbial ice and get myself back in the blogging spirit.

What’s been going on in my world?

  1. A great family trip to Montreal and Prince Edward County (I’ll blog about this sometime soon).
  2. A not-so-great hospitalization, from last Thursday to this past Monday (I’ll also blog about this sometime in the near future).
  3. An appointment with my epileptologist on Wednesday, which resulted in a (relatively) big development in my care plan. I’ll come back to this in my next post, but let’s just say that you’ll soon have to call me Dr. Cyborg Wizard. But really.

That’s it for now. And yes, I know that this is a ridiculously short post, but I’ve been sleeping twelve to fourteen hours/day—thanks, five anticonvulsants!–and I’d rather leave this brief and actually publish it than tell myself that I’m going to write a masterpiece and never return to complete it, as I’ve been doing for the past, oh, forever.

I leave you with a picture from my recent vacation because life ain’t all IVs and neuro wards.



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