Early Christmasing for Fun and Sanity

For the last several years, I haven’t even tried to stop myself from being that overly enthusiastic Christmas celebrator you probably try to ignore until December.

My husband was a little wary when I announced a few Sundays ago that seeing as Halloween had passed, the holiday season had officially begun.

“It’s November 1,” he pointed out.

Exactly,” I replied.

I know that it’s controversial to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, and start to decorate almost two months before, well, Christmas, but given how much pleasure I derive from immersing myself in these activities, and given the number of joy-sucking forces circling above me like happiness-hating vultures, I’m OK with the fact that I’ve been in full-on merry mode for over two weeks now.

Though I love most aspects of the holiday season, it’s the increase in opportunities to create and craft that I appreciate most. Since starting my Christmas projects this year, I’ve knit a stocking for a family member, experimented with embroidering Christmas ornaments, put together a LEGO elf house, hooked several small Christmas rugs, and painted Christmas ornaments with my husband two nights in a row—we have the supplies set up, and he’s just as into it as I am.

Perhaps the next phase of my holiday crafting will involve making my own artisanal tinsel. There is, after all, still plenty of time to fill before Christmas arrives.

I’ve been busy.


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