My husband and I each got a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday afternoon. So many (unexpected) emotions! Most of all, I’m grateful, relieved, and more optimistic than I was about my ability to hunker down and survive—emotionally and otherwise—whatever this next COVID curveball throws at us. In a word, I’m boosted.

I don’t think I’d realized just how depressed I was about this new variant and its potential to shut everything down at the very time my independence is beginning to increase following months of rarely leaving the house. Knowing that I’ll be able to continue to gradually do more, see more, and experience more, always at a level appropriate to my current state of health and the current risks imposed by environmental factors, is a tremendous motivator to stay 100% committed to achieving the very best health I can. Now that I’ve had this third dose jabbed into my arm, the “environmental factors” variable isn’t as immediately threatening.

I look forward to a day in the nearish future when “normal” life more closely resembles what I used to consider “normal.” Until then, I’ll take anything that facilitates movement toward it, a truly boosting booster included.


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