Just Another Headless Bridesmaid Portrait: A Weekend Visit from a (Very Supportive) Friend

When my friend arrived for the weekend this past Friday night, he asked, half-jokingly, if I was going to blog about his visit.

“Do you want me to blog about your visit?” I asked. He shrugged noncommittally. I said that I would but that since my blog is semi-anonymous, any and all pictures would have to be from the neck down in the style of those maybe-still-trendy headless bridesmaid photos that were a thing for a while (and maybe still are—I don’t keep a close eye on the wedding industry).

So hey, friend: here’s me, blogging about your trip to T-dot. To be fair, I probably would’ve even if you hadn’t not-so-subtly planted the seed in my all-too-receptive brain.

Almost as soon as I announced that plans were progressing for my surgery, Anonymous Friend sent me a text asking if I’d be up for a visitor/LEGO-building buddy.

You have to understand that this is the same friend who came for a few days while I was in the hospital last November and, in addition to breaking up the monotony of EMU life, prepared homemade lasagne and soup for me and my husband. In other words, he gives new meaning to the word “supportive.” Still, although not completely shocked by his offer, given his history of being an all-around awesome person, I was both touched and grateful that he was willing to make the four-plus-hour train ride for the main purpose of entertaining me.

Turns out that his visit came at both an ideal time, in that I was in heavy need of distraction, and at a less-than-ideal time, in that the reason I needed distraction was that a medication-change-in-progress meant that I’d been experiencing a marked uptick in seizures. Hoping to not freak him out but feeling that it was only fair to give him advance warning, both my husband and I sent him texts and Facebook messages throughout the week letting him know that there might be some “excitement” during his stay. To his great credit, he didn’t cancel.

Saturday was jam-packed with exciting events. First, we went to a murder mystery/scavenger hunt at the Royal Ontario Museum (verdict: super fun but exhausting). We then fuelled up with a very late sushi lunch, after which we walked to a cupcake bakery. It was at that point that it became apparent to me that I had—drumroll, please—overdone it.

Yeah, yeah.

To everyone’s shock and delight, I made it home without incident. It wasn’t long at that point, though, before I had a tonic-clonic seizure. A big one, the details of which I’ll omit from this post. What’s important is that our visitor handled it like a pro and, being a scientist, was able to tell me all about it in significant detail the next day after I had recovered.

Before his return train voyage, we had something critical to do: go to The LEGO Store. I purchased a replica of the White House, and we started to build it before he departed. Order had been restored in my tiny corner of the universe.

I’ve had several reminders, big and small, and including this massive one, over the past few weeks that my life is full of incredible people. When my neurons offer little reprieve, these gestures become especially meaningful. So thank you.

And I close, as is only appropriate, with a headless-bridesmaid-eating-sushi shot. You’re welcome. (And I’m sorry, friend.)

My kind of bridesmaid.






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