Osteoporawesome: Good News at the Osteoporosis Clinic

I had my follow-up at the osteoporosis clinic this morning to find out the results of the tests ordered the last time and to be told the doctor’s recommendations for next steps. (This meant, of course, that I was flipping out last night, at least on the inside, and briefly considered rescheduling. In the end, however, I decided that it was best to get it over with. This, my friends, is called “being a responsible adult.”)

Thinking of worst-case scenarios while waiting for the doctor to enter the examination room. Are my bones crumbling within me? Will I need to spend the rest of my life in a full-body cast? #anxietydisorder

It was, to make a long story short, generally good news(!). We decided together that I don’t need to start osteoporosis medication now: we’ll reevaluate after my next bone-density scan, but for the time being, the side effects aren’t worth the potential benefits. She was optimistic that outcomes might naturally improve if I’m able to stop my antiepileptic drugs after my epilepsy surgery, making me feel extra-good about proceeding with this head-cutting-open thing. My x-rays showed some weirdness, so I have to be a bit careful, but I already knew that. Just another reason to keep eating excessive amounts of frozen yogurt.

Onwards and upwards!



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