Big Changes in the Works

I’ve once again let enough time elapse between posts that anxiety about how much has happened—more material for those blog entries that I always promise but never quite get around to writing—has made producing anything at all feel too overwhelming. Today, though, I somehow worked up the courage to start with a short update and leave it at that. Please remember that I blame all typos, etc., on what I’ve gone through this year. If nothing else, I’ve at the very least earned that. Yay for silver linings!

You might remember from my last post that my life at home will be very different when I return to it. (Which will be relatively soon—the end is in sight!) As my husband and I prepare, gratefully taking advantage of the invaluable assistance of my dad, alias Pops, who’s here from BC, it becomes increasingly clear just how different that life will be and what it’ll take to put everything in place for its success. There is, of course, what I’ve come to think of as the trifecta of change: hospital bed, wheelchair, and fully accessible housing. There are also the other details, such as sorting out the logistics of all three elements of that trifecta, especially those involving the move itself; figuring out how to address various healthcare concerns; and establishing a good schedule and routine.

As the framework comes together and I begin to settle into the idea that “different” isn’t necessarily a synonym for “worse,” clear periods of excitement are interrupting my default state of anxious anticipation. We’ve officially ordered my luxe hospital bed, and I’m currently sitting in what will, after a few modifications, be my new wheelchair. We’ve signed the lease for a beautiful apartment that checks all the boxes. Now it’s time to refocus on my physical recovery and, when I have the energy, think about the smaller, but still essential, elements of the next chapter. All signs point to it being a fresh and happy one.


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