It’s Almost 2019! Time for a Disjointed Post.

It’s me! It’s been (practically) forever!

Don’t get too excited: I’m just dropping in to wish you a happy end to 2018 and beginning to 2019. Since I keep meaning to compose a long catch-up/excuse post and then collapsing under the pressure of having so much to catch up on and not knowing how much to disclose about why I’ve been absent from this blog, I decided that the best course of action was to write something rather than nothing, even if that “something” is disjointed, grammatically unsound, and full of lazy italics.

Without further ado, Happy New Year! I’ve missed you. I’ve missed De Morbo Sacro. I’ve missed a lot of things, in the very literal sense, but who cares! I’ve been taking care of business, big time, so regrets/FOMO/guilt complex all be damned.

For now, suffice it to say that I spent the last several months of 2018 investing in my long-term physical and mental well-being (as an inpatient for ten weeks, and now in an intensive outpatient program). Although it’s been super hard, I’m proud of myself for doing the right thing. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. 💪🏻

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a holiday hamster in hand-knitted attire. #whativereallybeendoingforthepastthreemonths

I hope that your holiday season was what you wanted and needed it to be and that the new year brings opportunities for growth and positive change. I have a good feeling that I’m on track for a 2019 that’ll be significantly healthier than the previous many years have been.

Stay tuned for the highlights.


2 thoughts on “It’s Almost 2019! Time for a Disjointed Post.

  1. Seeing your last post – well not actually – and then this, my heart melts for you. Your openness with your challenges is amazing and much appreciated. Even when the title says ‘protected’, I can empathize with the unseen content based on your latest post. Geographically watching from afar, please know my thoughts are near. I pray you see a positive start to 2019 and have the strength to carry on, to have hope, to live life.
    Find the Joy and Be the Blessing,

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